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Truth is the goal

The deck should not be stacked against loving parents in Family Court or with the Police. 


The stresses of Family Court are enormous, but it is important to never give up. We are here to support families going through family courts, and to advocate for Family Law Reforms.  


Since you are determined to see the best for your family, you can change the system for the better through action.

We are a Family Law Reform political coalition, ready to help.


!!!BIG NEWS!!!

JOIN US TO PROTEST DRAG QUEEN STORYTIME!!!  Leave your email below!!!

We have registered as Third Party Advertisers with Elections Alberta this 2022!!! We need to make Family Law Reform a public issue being talked about by Politicians and Citizens alike. Help us to plaster our message on billboards for every Politician to see the will of the people. Donate by email money transfer and SHARE!!!! Sign up below to keep up to date on our progress!!!

email:  contact@familyguys.ca

phone:  587-501-7125

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Project Fallen Angel was created to deal with the following common criminal offences:


In partnership with trained professionals, we can help you file a Criminal Complaint or a Private Prosecution if the evidence exists to support your claim. 


For more information, or to support the cause, email contact@familyguys.ca